Legal services during martial law


Compensation of damages caused by military aggression of the Russian Federation
  • legal assistance in fixation, documenting and assessing damages caused to commercial, residential, infrastructure premises, etc. (drafting of acts, protocols, other documents necessary)
  • fixation of damages caused by injuries or deaths caused by war
  • providing with legal advice on possible ways to reimburse damages caused to businesses and private individuals by military aggression of the Russian Federation, assessment of chances for obtaining compensation
  • legal support of the cases in national courts, the European Court of Human Rights, international arbitrations, other institutions, etc
  • calculation of profits lost because of war
Documentation of criminal offences and representation of the interests of victims of Russian aggression in criminal proceedings
  • legal assistance during registration of criminal proceeding
  • consulting and legal advice regarding collecting evidence of criminal offences
  • consulting and legal assistance in fixing damages caused by the aggression of the russian federation within criminal proceedings
  • representation of the interests of victims in criminal proceedings in order to promote the investigation of the case
  • appealing to the investigating judge to determine terms of pre-trial investigation for investigator or prosecutor while the terms are not defined precisely during martial law in order to prevent the abuse of the procedural rights and violating the rights of clients
Services of military lawyer
  • gun permit
  • providing conscripts with legal advice on conscription issues
  • legal assistance for clients accused of draft evasion
  • appealing against criminal prosecution of servicemen
  • appealing against administrative liability
  • recalculation of a one-time allowance upon discharge from military service
  • appealing against illegal dismissal from military service
  • appealing against orders of the military command on disciplinary liability
  • protection in cases of unauthorized abandonment of military service
  • appealing against decision on refusal of granting the status of combatant
Real Estate and Construction
  • legal assistance in fixation, documenting and assessing damages caused to commercial, residential, infrastructure premises, etc. (drafting of acts, protocols, other documents necessary)
  • submitting information about damaged or destroyed real estate
  • complex legal assistance of transactions with real estate objects (purchase, lease of a land plot/real estate/unfinished construction)
  • developing a strategy and consulting on the most suitable legal way to relocate or structure the transaction/ownership in the client’s best interest (from a perspective of tax and legal issues)
  • due diligence of real estate object(s) during construction and legal support within relocation. providing a confirmation if a relocation and further business activity is possible from legal point of view
  • sale and purchase of real estate during martial law
  • providing an advice regarding participation in auctions aimed at the privatization of state and/or communal property during martial law, preparation of documents
  • conduction of due diligence of an object to be privatized
  • providing with recommendations on construction during martial law
  • legal support for construction of housing for idps
  • providing advice on new simplified procedures of changing a designated purpose of a land plot, obtaining technical requirements and construction permit
  • providing other help needed to obtain advantages and preferences in a field of construction (depending on location, type and aim of project)
  • developing and implementation of advanced methods of financing of real estate (for instance, of sale of residential real estate objects by square meters, etc.)
  • consulting on the grounds and conditions of compulsory alienation of property of businesses and citizens, documentation of alienation of property
  • consulting on the use of enterprises capacities for defense needs
  • support of receiving reimbursement for compulsory alienated property
  • ensuring the correct assessment of property and property rights in enforcement proceedings
  • support of the procedure for registration of property rights and other rights in enforcement proceedings
  • appeal the assessment of property and property rights
  • appeal and suspension of public auctions
  • suspension of enforcement proceedings
  • postponement (installment) of the execution of the court decision
Tax issues
  • consulting on the specifics of taxation, imposed in Ukraine during the period of martial law
  • changes in the conducting of tax inspections and the application of tax liability to taxpayers
  • terms for the fulfillment of tax obligations and confirmation of the impossibility of their fulfillment during martial law
  • rules for submitting reports, confirming data in case of loss of primary documents due to hostilities or occupation, tax payment specifics
  • issues regarding vat and registration of tax invoices
  • transition and application of a single tax at the rate of 2%
  • specifics of exemption from real estate tax, land tax, environmental tax
  • specifics of single social contribution payment
Antimonopoly issues
  • obtaining permits for concentrations and concerted actions
  • unfair competition (including issues of commercial secrets, advertising)
  • representation of interests in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and support in obtaining permits for concentrations and concerted actions (relevant for product distributors)
  • recommendations on how to minimize the risks of accusations of unfair competition, concerted actions, and other violations of antimonopoly legislation in business activities
  • representation in courts in antimonopoly cases
Labor issues
  • consulting on the specifics of the application of labor legislation under martial law: conclusion, suspension, termination of employment contracts, wages, vacations, change of essential working conditions and other issues
  • consulting on reservation of employees by employers and receiving a deferment from military service
  • elaboration of best possible option for regulation labor relations that is fair to both parties
  • consulting on specifics of dismissal, suspension of employment, changes in essential working conditions, etc. under the martial law
  • consulting on specifics of labor inspections under martial law
  • consulting on employment of foreigners in Ukraine
  • representation of the interests of employers or employees in labor disputes


Oleksandra Fedotova
Partner, Attorney, PhD in Law
Yuriy Petrenko
Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Eleonora Yemets
Counsel, Attorney
Oleksii Solomko
Counsel, Attorney
Volodymyr Babichev
Counsel, Attorney
Viktor Zalizniuk
Counsel, Attorney