Corporate Social Responsibility

We at ADER HABER are absolutely confident that a modern law firm should not only provide qualified legal services to its clients, but also pay great attention to one of the priority areas of development of each modern company - care for the future of our society.

Every day we invest in the corporate social responsibility of the business with the help of the simplest, but so necessary actions for modern society, which gradually, step by step, help create a professional culture. At the same time, we enjoy our work and sincerely believe in what we are doing.


  Developing the social responsibility of the company, we rely on our core corporate values:

to be a company with which clients are pleased to work and with whom it is possible to build mutually beneficial partnerships provide services that satisfy customer needs and facilitate their business communications take an active position in modern society invest in the future of your country and its new generation.


We combine our efforts for you, paying great attention to the main priorities of the corporate social responsibility of the law firm: establishing strong business relationships, regularly improving the qualifications and professionalism of our employees, internship programs and training for students of law schools, as well as providing charitable assistance to various professional organizations.


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