Business Defence

In order to protect the business from hostile and illegal actions of third parties, it is necessary to create a number of factors – from corporate structuring of assets to building a security system for the company.

Attracting an external legal adviser allows you to analyze the existing corporate governance system, introduce the necessary security measures and regularly audit the company to identify external and internal risks.

ADER HABER provides the implementation of preventive measures to enhance the protection of the enterprise against unfair actions of contractors, and also accompanies the appeal of illegal actions of third parties and authorities aimed at destabilizing the work of the company.


Asset security
  • development of asset protection mechanisms and their implementation
  • building and evaluating an existing corporate security system
  • the establishment of trusts and funds as asset protection tools
Countering of Raidership
  • development and implementation of a comprehensive anti-raiding plan
  • litigation in connection with unfair possession of assets
  • removal of arrests from the accounts and assets of the company
Working with the office of a business ombudsman
  • consultation on requests and inquiries
  • advice on the preparation of a package of documents
  • representation of interests
White Collar Crime
  • risk assessment of criminal prosecution
  • protection of business owners and TOP management from criminal prosecution
  • support during the search, supporting during the execution of decisions on temporary access, supporting interrogations, ensuring the return of property seized during the search
  • representation of interests in courts and law enforcement bodies потерпевших и подозреваемых в рамках уголовных производств
  • a set of actions to hold accountable for illegal actions of law enforcement officials, appeal against the investigation, etc.
  • seizure of accounts in Ukraine and abroad as part of a request for information in criminal proceedings
  • lawyer support 24/7 in all industries
  • Crime Due Diligence (comprehensive analysis of criminal law risks)
  • Conducting trainings and seminars on business protection and white collar crime


Aleksandra Fedotova
Partner, Attorney, PhD in Law
Yuriy Petrenko
Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Eleonora Yemets
Counsel, Attorney
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