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Wealth management

Wealth management is an extremely sensitive industry, requiring a high level of both legal and business advice, and strict confidentiality.

Traditionally, Wealth management expertise covers a broader range of services than client asset management, and provides legal, financial and tax advice, as well as integrated wealth management of wealthy private clients and families, owners of closely related enterprises and family offices.

A significant part of Wealth management services relates to the creation of international tax planning mechanisms that help to prepare a suitable taxation model, procedure for registering property rights and their alienation.


Wealth management
  • creation of trusts and other mechanisms for trust management of property
  • recommendations on the transfer of business and assets
  • support in the process of private investment
  • banking services, opening accounts in foreign jurisdictions
  • tax advice to individuals
  • filing declarations
  • charity
Property Issues
  • acquisition, registration and sale of real estate in Ukraine and abroad
  • estate planning and family property management
  • acquisition, execution and sale of works of art and other assets
Family law
  • registration of marriage contracts
  • maintenance of divorce and property division procedures
  • adoption and guardianship
  • family lawyer  
Reputation management
  • advice on comprehensive career planning for the state. employee and politics in the context of the local anti-corruption package of laws and best international practices, in particular the concept of conflict of interest and its prevention
  • “blind trusts” as a tool to avoid conflict of interest
  • legal audit of property and securities management agreements for conflicts of interest
  • составление договоров управления корпоративными правами
  • drafting corporate rights management agreements
  • advice on e-declaration
Trusts and Funds
  • development of optimal private equity ownership structures
  • tax advice
Development of models of passive income from ownership of assets with optimal tax consequences
  • dividend models
  • tax advice
  • models of ownership of intellectual property and obtaining royalties from their use
  • models of raising funds to Ukraine to finance your own business through obtaining loans and credits, with future payment of interest
Trust Management Services
  • strategy development and portfolio formation
  • consulting, both on MAM accounts (Multi Account Manager) and on PAMM accounts (Percentage Allocation Management Module)
  • support of brokerage transactions and asset trust agreements
  • tax advice


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Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
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