Creation and launch of a business

When creating a business, competent and safe launch of all processes is important. At the start, each owner needs to think about three main components: careful planning, raising capital, organization and support of further business processes.

At the initial stage, the business does not have a formed legal service capable of independently ensuring the resolution of all legal tasks. That is why the involvement of external advisers contributes to the timely achievement of the company’s goals.

Specialists of ADER HABER help to go through the stage of creation and establishment of business processes, providing clients with business planning services, building legal and tax systems, supporting attracting investors to the business, as well as accompanying all necessary business operations.


Business Planning Activities
  • development of a business strategy for starting a business both in Ukraine and in international jurisdictions, which includes an analysis of the legislative framework, tax and legal practices in the market, a competitive market and the construction of a strategic roadmap
  • legal assessment of the proposed activity: analysis of OLF options, corporate structure and legislation in the preparation of the contract base
  • tax advice
  • advising on the selection of serving banks and international financial institutions
  • insurance advice
Attracting investors and lenders
  • preparation of an investment business plan
  • regulation of communication with foreign and foreign investors and creditors
  • representation in relations with investors and creditors, protection of interests
  • risk assessment and execution of transactions, investment and loan agreements
  • development of investment protection mechanisms - insurance, reinsurance, etc.
Legal support of economic activity
  • registration of companies, representative offices, branches, non-resident legal entities, subsidiaries, public organizations, financial institutions
  • development of a management base - charters, shareholder agreements, memoranda, minutes of shareholders and other corporate documents
  • obtaining permits and licensing
  • recruiting, registration of top management and staff
  • accounting, management and tax reporting
  • services for opening and maintaining bank accounts
  • corporate secretary, corporate governance services
  • representation in government
Formation of legal service
  • development of internal regulations and instructions on the work of the legal service
  • development of a contractual framework - partnership agreements, employment contracts, compliance policies, corporate ethics codes, anti-corruption policies, internal regulations, instructions, business contracts, etc.
  • recruiting and registration of legal personnel


Aleksandra Fedotova
Partner, Attorney, PhD in Law
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