Support for the commercial activity

Despite the presence of legal advisers and legal services at enterprises, a number of issues periodically arise that require the involvement of external advisers, who can not only identify and eliminate existing and possible risks, but also provide comprehensive advice and form the necessary business strategy that helps to avoid such situations in the future.

The most popular services for ADER HABER clients are tax, accounting and financial consultations, as well as corporate governance consultations. Accompanying the above questions optimizes the work of the legal services of our clients and the costs of its organization.


Corporate Governance Services
  • preparation and analysis of constituent documents and corporate agreements, incl. in foreign law
  • formation of a supervisory board and board, appointment of external members of the supervisory board, board of directors and board
  • assessment and formation of the internal audit service (IAS)
  • organization of internal management oversight and risk identification
  • assessment of the results of the structures for possible legal risks
Financial management
  • diagnostics and building a system of internal financial control
  • financial planning and control
  • tax planning
  • management reporting
  • recovery of lost tax accounting data
  • verification of tax reports submitted, if necessary - preparation and sending of updated
  • subscription service
  • services of an operator of separate accounting functions (for example, payment of payroll in a client bank)
  • salary outsourcing
  • statement and conducting accounting of the enterprise
  • preparation of annual, quarterly, monthly financial statements
  • processing of documentation, preparation, preparation and submission of financial statements for the period
  • internal accounting audit and inventory
  • support of inspections of the STS, NPU and other regulatory bodies
Reconstruction of Financial
  • verification of primary documentation for availability and correctness
  • processing, systematization of primary documents (accounts, invoices, payment orders, cash reports, warrants, etc.)
  • updating the database in “1C” in accordance with the new accounting data
  • verification of previously formed financial statements, if necessary - preparation and sending updated
  • tax accounting outsourcing: tax accounting, preparation and submission of reports, administration of the collection and preparation of primary documentation, formulation and optimization of the accounting system
  • outsourcing of personnel accounting and administration: accounting for the movement of client personnel, preparation of relevant documentation, preparation and submission of reports, preparation of information for payroll, escorting recruiting and interaction with personnel agencies, conducting personnel assessment centers
Legal representation
  • representation in government
  • judicial representation
  • representation in relations with counterparties
  • representation of interests in public associations and organizations


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