Maintenance of compliance services provides for comprehensive consulting and audit of the activities of the client and its counterparties for compliance with applicable law, including in matters of corporate governance and ethics, as well as anti-corruption activities.

ADER HABER conducts an audit of all business processes, and also prepares strategies for incorporating the provisions of future legislation and international standards into corporate and charter documents of the company.

The company also provides a range of services for detecting violations in the financial and security systems, evaluating the effectiveness of internal policies, including financial, regarding the presence of unforeseen financial expenses in the activities of the client and counterparties.

A crucial product in this area is the support of financial fraud investigations, which includes a number of financial, accounting, tax and judicial actions to identify methods for committing violations, subjects of violations, their counterparties, as well as to identify vulnerabilities in the system and prevent them.


Development of internal documentation
  • compliance programs
  • code of conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • instructions on how to communicate with partners and other counterparties
  • instruction on the procedure for communication with regulatory authorities
Compliance audit of business processes
  • audit of business processes in order to identify potentially problematic areas within the framework of antitrust law and practice of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, anti-corruption policy, the activities of NABU, SAP, possible violations of the UK Bribery Act, FCPA.
  • implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of compliance programs
  • supporting and advising compliance officer and company management in order to effectively comply with compliance programs
Forensic audit
  • analysis of operating company security systems
  • assessment of procedures and internal policies
  • verification of performance and assessment of financial losses in the areas of: production, procurement, sales
Fraud Investigation
  • conducting forensic audit
  • identification of facts of the implementation of problematic or risky operations, non-compliance with the implementation of risk management procedures
  • identification of facts of appropriation of assets, illegal use of assets, overstatement, understatement of income, corruption, conflicts of interest
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