Dispute Resolution

The ADER HABER specialization in dispute resolution focuses on supporting complex cases and projects for international and national companies.

As a law firm, ADER HABER specializes in resolving various types of disputes, in particular commercial, corporate, contractual, insurance, land, antitrust and IP, tax, labor, family, as well as disputes of administrative jurisdiction.

The company unites more than 40 legal experts, 16 of which are lawyers. Dispute resolution experts have many years of experience in financial restructuring and bankruptcy, cross-border asset tracing, corporate fraud, and business protection.


Representation of interests in courts
  • protection of the client’s interests in court in all instances of the judicial process
  • analysis of the prospects for litigation
  • development of strategies and tactics of litigation, including the development and implementation of PR-protection of clients
Representation of interests in authorities
  • communication with representatives of state authorities and local authorities
  • development of company interaction and positioning strategies
International arbitration
  • development of the most effective arbitration agreements
  • advising on the risks and prospects of a possible arbitration process
  • negotiation process
  • representation in the arbitration process
  • recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
ADR: Arbitration, Mediation
  • support of the negotiation process and conclusion of agreements
  • coordination of the most comfortable options for the execution of the decision: selection of preferred assets for foreclosure
Enforcement of decisions of courts and other bodies
  • risk assessment and optimization of the client’s position in the application of executive actions in property and non-property disputes
  • support of the recovery procedure at the stage of private enforcement proceedings, including participation in all enforcement actions (arrests including bank accounts, restrictions on travel abroad, forced entry into the territory of residence and inventory of property)
  • support of the procedure for registration of property rights and other rights
  • support of enforcement proceedings on cases of insurance regressions


Aleksandra Fedotova
Partner, Attorney, PhD in Law
Yuriy Petrenko
Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Oleksandr Udovychenko
Counsel, Attorney, PhD in Law, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Aleksei Solomko
Counsel, Attorney
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