Real Estate and Land Law

The gradual growth of the real estate market, the attraction of foreign investors and the expected land reform create the conditions for the development of the development and agricultural sectors inextricably linked with the purchase, sale, rental and other real estate operations.

Investing in real estate and land is always an investment, accompanied by high legal risks, and the right approach in the formation of transactions and relations with contractors ensures a reliable result.

In consequence of multidisciplinary expertise in the field of real estate and land law, as well as many years of work with national and international companies in this industry, ADER HABER specialists find innovative solutions in difficult situations and contribute to the quick and safe conclusion of transactions.


Building construction and development services
  • legal audit on land, real estate and construction
  • consulting on the whole spectrum from site search to planning of construction phases
  • tax planning depending on the project of financing
  • consulting on all types of contracts at all stages, including contracts with service contractors at the stage of putting objects into operation
  • "bridge building" (registration of building permits, reconstruction, commissioning, architectural activities
Work with a landbank
  • legal support for land ordering
  • legal support of the procedures for the challenge, association / section
  • changes in the designation of land
  • legal support (including judicial) for the renewal of land lease agreements
  • consultations on negotiations between agricultural holdings and shareholders
  • support of unit rental agreements
  • legal audit of real estate titles
  • audit of a land bank
  • multipurpose legal audit of the privatization object, taking into account the hidden risks of previous periods
  • customer support at all stages of the privatization process
  • representation of interests in the State Property Fund, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other state bodies
  • post-privatization protection (litigation, negotiations with government agencies, work with law enforcement agencies, etc.)
  • legal support for the implementation of the terms of the privatization contract


Aleksandra Fedotova
Partner, Attorney, PhD in Law
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