Executive production

ADER HABER is one of the first law firms in Ukraine that has successfully formed a direction of enforcement proceedings. The expertise of ADER HABER specialists was highly appreciated by the professional community: in 2018, ADER HABER was recognized as the “Law Firm of the Year in the Enforcement Proceedings” following the presentation of the annual Legal Awards from the Legal Practice publishing house.

The dominant advantage for law firms practicing in the area of ​​enforcement proceedings is the ability to attract private executives who offer businesses a much more efficient approach to the execution of decisions compared to the system of the State Executive Service.


Organization of procedure of execution of judgment
  • risk assessment and optimization of the client’s position in the application of executive actions in property and non-property disputes
  • support of the recovery procedure at the stage of private enforcement proceedings, including participation in all enforcement actions (arrests including bank accounts, restrictions on travel abroad, forced entry into the territory of residence and inventory of property)
  • assistance to the private executor in the matter of finding the debtor's property, common property and other assets
Relevant procedures in enforcement proceedings
  • support of the procedure for selling the debtor's assets
  • support of the procedure for registration of property rights and other rights
  • support of enforcement proceedings on cases of insurance regressions


Aleksei Solomko
Counsel, Attorney
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