ADER HABER provides a comprehensive construction of GR-strategies, providing services for GR-analytics, GR-consulting, legislative work and lobbying of legislative initiatives.

Reliable PPP support contributes not only to the development of the business in all, but also to the establishment of productive business relations between the state and the private sector, and the work of a law firm with the appropriate specialization in this issue is an integral part.


GR analytics
  • political monitoring
  • multipurpose analysis of local legislation
  • analysis of industry regulation and regulatory impact
  • political research in the context of legislative expectations
  • government and parliamentary intelligence and impact analysis
Bill draft work and lobbying
  • strategic legislative planning and legislative drafting
  • audit of the bill, including for compliance with international law
  • preparation of a business strategy for project promotion, development of public positions
  • government and parliamentary communications
  • building strategic interaction with central government bodies
  • regional space assessment
  • representation of client interests in public structures (organizations, associations), as well as in public committees under state authorities and the media
  • direct participation in the protection of legislative projects
  • implementation of legislative innovation campaigns
Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • advice on choosing the best PPP model
  • preliminary analysis of project risks, financial analysis of investments and profits
  • customer support at all stages of the implementation of a business project with government participation, interaction with government bodies participating in the project and controllers
  • multipurpose preparation of PPP documentation, including competitive, as well as economic and technical justification
  • legal support for the implementation of the terms of the PPP agreement
Legislative interaction
  • support for politicians in building expert dialogues in various sectors of law
  • development of draft laws for deputy groups
  • work in committees on legal expertise
  • attraction of international rule-making experience
  • correlation of existing projects with EU directives and international treaties binding on Ukraine


Yuriy Petrenko
Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Aleksei Solomko
Counsel, Attorney
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