Bankruptcy and liquidation

The adoption of the Bankruptcy Procedures Code will force business to revise established business practices in many respects, and law firms specializing in this area will need to provide quality and systematic support to clients’ activities, both those at the stage of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy, and those working with such contracting parties .

Given the updated requirements of the law and its “pro-creditor” status, protecting the interests of creditors is becoming more effective, and law firms accompanying debtors are required to provide comprehensive advice and protect the interests of clients as soon as possible.


Bankruptcy Services
  • representation of the interests of the debtor and implementing bodies of the debtor in bankruptcy proceedings
  • legal assistance to creditors of an insolvent debtor: representation in bankruptcy proceedings, support for inclusion of claims in the register of creditors, contesting transactions, settlement of relations related to improper fulfillment of powers by an arbitration manager, return of withdrawn assets, legal assistance if criminal proceedings are necessary, etc.
  • services of an arbitration manager in all competitive procedures
  • legal assistance in the bidding process for the sale of assets sold in bankruptcy proceedings
  • full support of the process of reorganization of a legal entity in the form of merger, takeover, separation, separation or transformation
  • change of type from public to private joint stock company
  • advising on voluntary liquidation and bankruptcy procedures for individual entrepreneur.
  • advising owners of legal entities on the transfer of corporate rights to another person (sale or free retreat), liquidation of their own decision and liquidation through bankruptcy proceedings, as well as advising on the reorganization of enterprises (by joining another legal entity, or merging with another company)
  • consulting within the framework of the withdrawal of the participant / participants from the founders of the legal entity or the assignment of the share of the participant, contesting the prohibitions of the transfer of the share to third parties, etc.
  • advice on changing the type of activity, assessing the class of professional risk of a company, etc.


Yuriy Petrenko
Managing Partner, Attorney, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
Oleksandr Udovychenko
Counsel, Attorney, PhD in Law, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine
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